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The Social Emotional Learning Workbook for Teens helps educators facilitate discussions designed to help Middle and High School students improve their decision making, emotional states, social awareness, self-awareness, anger management, and more. This workbook is over 100 pages and can be used at school or at home to help improve your teenagers emotional development.  The Social Emotional Learning Workbook is designed to be used with or without an instructor and students can use this workbook as a tool to develop positive coping skills, mood management, and critical thinking.  


About The Author 

Derek Collins, M.Ed., CADC-II, SAP 

Derek Collins is the CEO of the Diversion Center where he provides court mandated psycho-education groups that include anger management, domestic violence, substance abuse, values clarification, and shoplifting prevention. He is also the founder and creator of Gifted & Lit. 

In its inception, Mr. Collins noticed that Hip-Hop had a strong influence on the youth, especially amongst Black males. On daily commutes he'd see young men walking down the street rapping to themselves. He thought, "Hip-Hop has a strong influence over our youth. If used properly, it can have a positive effect on the subconscious mind."

And Gifted & Lit was born. Our products use Hip-Hop to teach children mathematics, science, language arts, and more. We also create culturally responsive content that improves social-emotional learning and family engagement. 

We know you will love these products and we thank you in advance for your support! 

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