Frequently Asked Questions

What age range is Gifted & Lit for?

Children in grades K-5

Who created Gifted & Lit?

Gifted & Lit was created by Derek Collins. Mr. Collins is an African American educator/therapist based in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Collins is the owner of the Diversion Center where he manages 3 outpatient treatment facilities in Georgia. He is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and Central Michigan University and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Education and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. 

Gifted & Lit on iTunes?

Yes. We also have downloadable MP3s on the top of our website.

Do you have an app?

Yes. You can download the Vimeo app and stream Gifted & Lit Volume 1 & 2 from Vimeo. Visit this link to purchase the streams. https://vimeo.com/giftedandlit/vod_pages

Does Gifted & Lit teach my children how to read, write, and solve math problems?

No. Gifted & Lit was not created to replace a teacher or parents role in educating children. Gifted & Lit was created to inspire children and get them excited about learning. Gifted & Lit should be used as a supplemental tool by parents and educators.

Will you make more content and other products?

Yes. We are currently thinking about creating more content and products.

Is this a minority-owned business?

Yes. Gifted & Lit is owned and operated by 2 Black women and a Black man.  Derek & Robbyn Collins and Racquel Laborde

Are you looking for rappers or educators to work on your next volumes? 

Not at this time but you can send demos to support@giftedandlit.com

Question: Who did your animation?

Answer: We are not willing to disclose that information at this time.

Question: Are you on social media?

Yes, we are. You can follow us on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.