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Gifted & Lit is for students in grades K-5

Gifted & Lit is a family engagement program designed to get the entire family involved in the learning process.  Order the Gifted & Lit Bundle for your young scholars today.  It includes a workbook, coloring book, Gifted & Lit Volume 1 and 2 DVDs and CDs.  Or buy the workbook and coloring book and purchase the Gifted & Lit App. 

What is Gifted & Lit?

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Gifted & Lit Vol. 2

Educates and Relates


The #1 Family Engagement Resource in the World


2018 Mom's Choice Awards Gold Award Winner

Mom's Choice Awards

Gifted & Lit Volume 1 Content


Gifted & Lit Volume 2 Content

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Gifted & Lit App For Android Users

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