100 Gifted & Lit Volume 2 DVDS

100 Gifted & Lit Volume 2 DVDS

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Hip-Hop, a cultural phenomenon that resonates deeply with today's youth, holds immense power to shape and influence their lives. Recognizing this impact, Derek Collins, a visionary in the field, has masterfully crafted the award-winning Gifted & Lit series, a groundbreaking educational resource that connects with students across the globe. Extensive research reveals that positive and captivating music has the remarkable ability to enhance information retention by an impressive 15-20%. Undoubtedly, Gifted & Lit stands as one of the most exceptional tools available, ideally suited for both home and classroom environments.

The brilliance of Gifted & Lit lies in its seamless fusion of contemporary beats, compelling lyrics, and uplifting knowledge, effortlessly inspiring children to develop a genuine love for education. With an unwavering focus on delivering age-appropriate music, this extraordinary program transforms learning into an exhilarating and enjoyable experience, while simultaneously promoting the domains of science, reading, and mathematics.

Unleashing the full potential of Gifted & Lit, educational organizations dedicated to enriching children's lives discover an invaluable resource at their disposal. Whether you seek to motivate, inspire, or engage your students, this program transcends boundaries and redefines educational excellence.

Choose Gifted & Lit today and witness the transformative power of music and education harmoniously intertwined, shaping a generation of motivated, inspired, and actively engaged learners.

Gifted & Lit Volume 2 features hit songs:

  • Hip-Hop Math
  • Scientific Method
  • Computer Programming 
  • Space Squad
  • Alphabet Lingo
  • Lit Letters
  • Reading
  • Own it
  • Stacks
  • I Believe

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