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Is College Still Important? -Part Three

We are in the last part of the series that talks about college — whether it’s still important or not. We are glad you are still with us until the very end of this discussion because we have more to say about this topic. At the end of this blog, we hope you share what you have learned with your children. We thought that providing you with the most common misconceptions about college is the best way to close this discussion. The Most Common Misconceptions About College Professors make your college life miserable This is one of the most popular...

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Is College Still Important? -Part Two

Top Reasons Why College is Important Previously, we have shared the most common reasons why students don’t go to college as well as the popular options they can go take if college is not in their pipelines. Today, we are going to focus on the importance of college. We hope this blog helps you if you are undecided about college. This also serves as an affirmation for those who made a decision that college is where they are going to be at after high school. The Importance of Having a College Degree Increased Earnings On an average, an individual with...

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Is College Still Important?

The world has evolved at such a rapid pace and it’s not surprising how we all move along with it. Thousands of inventions and progressions in almost every aspect of life; medical, engineering, commerce, entertainment, and education.  Many embraced the advancement and lived according to the changes that took place. There are also who wish to continue on as is, meaning they like to approach life traditionally and enhancements are usually unwelcome.  Unfortunately, the same goes for education. Some people disagree with level-ups and other additional learnings on top of the regular ones. On the flip side, there are people...

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Children’s Readiness to Leave the Nest at 18 -Part Two

Welcome to Part 2 of our series!  Yesterday we discussed the most common reasons why children leave at 18 years old as well as the questions that can help you gauge whether your child is ready to face the world by himself in case he chooses to live independently when he turns the legal age. Today, Gifted and Lit wants to share with you some effective ways how to prepare your children to leave the nest. This topic reminds us of the movie Failure to Launch starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. It is about a 35-year old man...

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Children’s Readiness to Leave the Nest at 18

If there is one thing the Americans known for when it comes to family, that is children leaving the nest at 18 years old. This aspect of parenting is very natural to us but in some cultures parents allow their kids to stay home past the legal age of 18. In today’s article, Gifted and Lit would like to discuss the readiness of children when leaving their nests. The question to answer is : Are children really ready to leave the house at 18 years of age? Let’s find out! For the first part of this series, we have prepared...

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