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The Importance of Boundaries or Limitation for Children -Part Three

If you are still following us in this third part of the series, then pat yourself on the back as you just have proved to yourself that you truly want what’s best for your children! To recap, the first two blogs talked about the importance of setting clear boundaries for children and we also covered how to establish these limitations in a healthy way. Each child is unique and the way parents treat them shouldn’t be a canned approach. Children learn and process feelings differently hence the way we relate to them must be age-appropriate. Today, Gifted and Lit is...

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The Importance of Boundaries or Limitation for Children -Part Two

Previously, we have established that children benefit more when boundaries or limitations are set for them as compared to not having any. They grow up to be confident, wise-decision makers, healthy, safe, and happy. Furthermore, setting clear limits with kids nurture the parent-child relationship in the long run as boundaries show that you care and love them. If you are new to defining limitations for your young ones and you don’t know exactly where to start, well you have come to the right place! Today, Gifted and Lit is honored to share with you effective ways how to set up...

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The Importance of Boundaries or Limitation for Children -Part One

We bet you have already heard about the phase “good cop, bad cop”. One of the struggles of being a parent is when to say no as we naturally tend to pour out love to our children in so many unimaginable ways.  There is nothing wrong with showering our children with love however, setting clear boundaries with our them must not be neglected. Today, Gifted and Lit helps give you a fresh perspective about how boundaries or limitations for children creates a healthy parent-child relationship and how it greatly benefits them. We listed below the reasons why setting boundaries is...

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Truth or Myth: “You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be”  -Part Three

Previously, we have shared with you different ways how to unleash your child’s potential. Being well-rounded and successful does not happen overnight therefore, we have to support our little ones in every step of the way. That’s why today, we are going to back it up with activities that help your children be the best that they can be.  Knowing what you want as a person is a long process and it does not begin when you are about to enter college. When does the process start? As parents, we ought to equip our children as early as possible in...

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Truth or Myth: “You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be”  -Part Two

Now that we have uncovered the truth about encouraging your children by saying they can be the BEST that they can be instead of making them loosely believe in the idea that they can be whatever they want to be, it’s high time that we learn how to help our children discover their potentials. The first step to being great at something is to let our little ones realize what they can do, where they are best at, and at the same time what they truly enjoy at an early age. It is Gifted and Lit’s mission to support parents...

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