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Truth or Myth: “You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be”  -Part Two

Now that we have uncovered the truth about encouraging your children by saying they can be the BEST that they can be instead of making them loosely believe in the idea that they can be whatever they want to be, it’s high time that we learn how to help our children discover their potentials.

The first step to being great at something is to let our little ones realize what they can do, where they are best at, and at the same time what they truly enjoy at an early age. It is Gifted and Lit’s mission to support parents in discovering their children’s talents and capabilities.

As parents, it is best to be equipped how to bring out the best in your children. In this article, we share with you different ways how to unleash the strengths of your children. 

Ways How to Unleash Your Children’s Potential

Don’t Rush

Every child has a different pace and timeline as to how he discovers himself, his interests, and what he can best be. Every child is different hence it is never okay to rush them and most especially compare them to other children. Never pressure them to do the things they have yet to accomplish. 

Support their decisions

Let your children practice their freedom of expression and let them make choices. Teach them about cause and effect as this can help them with wise decision-making. Letting them make their own choices and decisions translate to your trust, love, and support.

Welcome mistakes

By this we mean encouraging your children especially when they make mistakes and making them feel that mistakes are something they can learn from. Reacting to their mistakes negatively can affect their level of confidence and result in being discouraged to try new things.

Be open to their ideas, opinion, and aspirations

Truth be told, sometimes parents desire for their children to follow our footsteps. Unintentionally or intentionally, we choose activities and other choices that we took when we were young. This is fine as long as our children personally like the same choices we made. However, it is critical that we accept and allow them to choose their own paths if it differs from ours. 

Set goals with them

Teach your children the value of setting goals. Sit with them and guide them as they create their goals. Make sure they are time-bound goals as this can motivate them to stay at the right track and focus on their goals. You will be surprised how your children unlock more potential as they achieve their goals.

Invest in good learning materials

Support your children’s learning by providing them quality educational materials like books, workbooks, and digital media like DVDs. Gifted and Lit designed educational materials that aim to engage families and involve everyone in the family in the learning process.

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