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Truth or Myth: “You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be”  -Part Three

Previously, we have shared with you different ways how to unleash your child’s potential. Being well-rounded and successful does not happen overnight therefore, we have to support our little ones in every step of the way. That’s why today, we are going to back it up with activities that help your children be the best that they can be. 

Knowing what you want as a person is a long process and it does not begin when you are about to enter college. When does the process start? As parents, we ought to equip our children as early as possible in learning which path they can strive best. This blog highlights the key activities that can shape your children into their best versions.

Best Activities to Help Bring Out the Best in Your Children


Incorporating music with education is one of the most effective ways children learn. Music hugely develops a child’s language and mathematical literacy. It also sharpens their listening skills. This is the exact reason why Gifted and Lit chose to blend hip-hop and education. The educational materials produced are designed to encourage children to learn and have fun at the same time. 

Role Play

Knowing what your interests are is an essential part of being successful in life in general. A sure way for children to discover what they aspire is to let them play dress-up or role play. Doctor, lawyer, astronaut, chef, and police officer — let them determine what they like to be. After each play, you can discuss what a certain career is about. Acquaint them with the possibilities as they “try on” different jobs.


Drawing, painting, and different arts develop their sensory skills. Furthermore, arts and crafts invite them to be creative. This is also a great avenue for self-expression.

Water Play

This kind of play is a safe environment for them to experiment. It also enhances their hand-eye coordination. Water play teaches them about cause and effect. 

Nature Play

It is true that your child’s best playground is out in nature. Do you want your kids to love Science and Math even more? Bring them outside and show them the world because nature is like a big canvas full of facts, trivia, and numbers.


Be it in a real kitchen or pretend cooking, this play combines mathematics, sensory play, and following procedures. Cooking also teaches about home safety and sanitation. All these learnings coming from this kind of play prepare them for real life.

Physical Activities

Aside from helping them to stay fit and healthy, physical activities such as dancing, running, jumping, and other free play with other children boost their confidence and social skills. These activities also help them calculate their actions and they also learn about risk-taking.

The bottom line is parents play a critical role in the success of the children. Aside from nourishing them, we ought to nurture them. Gifted and Lit is one with you in this mission. Rest assured, we are dedicated to continue to come up with educational materials that best unleash your child’s potential.


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