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Truth or Myth: “You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be"

This is one of the sayings that you can hear everywhere from everyone: parents say this, teachers say this, motivational speakers say this, and psychologists say this! This piece of encouragement is so powerful that it’s being used to embolden everybody — from individuals ages 0 to 100. 

But is this the definite truth? Can any of us be whatever or anything we want to be? Do we do a disservice to our children by telling them that they can be whatever they want to be? As much as we want to believe in this, unfortunately this is a myth. We hate to burst your bubbles but the truth is this:

You CANNOT be whatever you want to be. 

    One can dream to be a firefighter but this career requires a strict level of eyesight standards to be able to carry out the role. Aside from this, you must not be color blind and you do not have night blindness. 

    Someone with coronary heart disease, permanent heart pacemaker, heart replacement, and cardiac valve replacement is disqualified from being a pilot.

    One of the many qualifications of being a NASA astronaut is a master’s degree in STEM fields including engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics. 

    Aside from height preference, medical fitness is one of the aspects the organization checks when joining a professional basketball team. Cardiovascular diseases or other life-threatening diseases can be a major concern.

    To be a fashion model, whether in the petite section or plus size, there are height, age, and facial features, and body measurement requirements.

And that’s the truth: we cannot be whatever we wish to be. Because there are restrictions. There are requirements. 

Gifted and Lit encourages everyone to stay positive despite conditions and qualifications that may limit us to be anything we want to be. Although there are restrictions, we can still be the BEST that we can be by working with what we have and not zeroing in on the things we do not have.

The best approach is to acquaint ourselves with our capabilities, abilities, and potentials. This is the first step in accepting who we are, what we have, and what we do not have. Instead of telling people around you about this myth that they can be whatever they want to be, why not start telling them to embrace who they really are and how great they can become when they finally see how they can work with what they have. 

The fact that we cannot be whatever or anything we want to be is not a bad news at all. In fact, greatness and success come when we begin to know the truth that we can still be successful, happy, and content once we discover what we have in us and how to work with it. 

The challenge now is unlocking one’s potential that leads to great accomplishments, wins, and victories. Let’s talk about that on our next blog. 


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