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The Importance of Boundaries or Limitation for Children -Part Two

Previously, we have established that children benefit more when boundaries or limitations are set for them as compared to not having any. They grow up to be confident, wise-decision makers, healthy, safe, and happy. Furthermore, setting clear limits with kids nurture the parent-child relationship in the long run as boundaries show that you care and love them.

If you are new to defining limitations for your young ones and you don’t know exactly where to start, well you have come to the right place! Today, Gifted and Lit is honored to share with you effective ways how to set up the boundaries. 

How to Establish Clear and Healthy Boundaries for Children

Limit boundaries to 5 to 10 items

Children easily get overwhelmed hence it is essential not to bombard them with your rules and regulations. You don’t want your child to hate and ignore you because you breathe down into his or her neck all the time. Choose the most important areas and limit boundaries to 10 items maximum.

Involve the kids in setting the boundaries

Communication is an integral part of setting up clear boundaries for your children successfully. It is a must that they understand why there are rules to follow. Call a family meeting and open the table for comments and suggestions. In this way, your children feel involved, thought of, and cared for.

Be consistent

You have to demonstrate to your children the importance of these boundaries by being consistent and adhering to the set rules. If you are saying no to video games on a weeknight only to cave in the next evening, you are sending a mixed message that rules can be disrespected.

Write it down and post the rules

We cannot expect children to automatically remember the boundaries in an instant. In fact, kids need to be constantly reminded. It will help the both of you if the limitations are written down and posted somewhere where they can always see.

Catch and praise good behavior

Children are motivated to be obedient when they are recognized for their good behavior. Let them know that you see not only their mistakes but most especially their obedience. Children who receive praises on a regular basis grow up to be selfless, confident, and disciplined.

Follow through the consequences of misbehavior

Part of being consistent is to do what’s necessary or agreed upon due to misbehavior or disobedience. Your children may not understand now why you need to implement consequences but they will realize sooner or later the benefits of these boundaries.

Setting bundaries for your children might not be received well at first but as soon as you get to make them understand that these rules and regulations exist because it is for their well-being. 

It is Gifted and Lit’s advocate to assist every parent to have a harmonious and loving relationship with their children. Continue to visit Gifted and Lit website ( to know more about establishing good relationships between parents and children.


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