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The Importance of Boundaries or Limitation for Children -Part One

We bet you have already heard about the phase “good cop, bad cop”. One of the struggles of being a parent is when to say no as we naturally tend to pour out love to our children in so many unimaginable ways. 

There is nothing wrong with showering our children with love however, setting clear boundaries with our them must not be neglected. Today, Gifted and Lit helps give you a fresh perspective about how boundaries or limitations for children creates a healthy parent-child relationship and how it greatly benefits them. We listed below the reasons why setting boundaries is critical in our kids’ lives.

Essential Benefits of Setting Boundaries for Children


Children who are raised with boundaries and limitations grow up to be respectful to their parents, teachers, authority, and other people around them. Following rules and regulations trains them to listen which is crucial in learning.


You help your kids to develop discipline when you set clear boundaries and limitations. Video games or watching TV may be a lot of fun for them over other things but limitation teaches them how to prioritize what’s important like homework, household chores, and self care or hygiene. They also learn self-control through setting limits.


Kids who understand the importance of why you need to set boundaries or limitations develop a greater sense of safety and security. They learn to calculate their actions and are accustomed to weighing cause and effect before they act, and even speak. Children who have limitations know how to keep them safe in school, outdoors, and when playing with friends or by themselves.


Limitations train children to make healthy choices when it comes to eating habits and lifestyle. Without limits and boundaries, children would naturally choose cookies, ice cream, pizza, soda, and other junk food over their fruits and vegetables. Without boundaries, kids would lie in bed or couch watching TV all day and all night long compromising their sleep.


Initially, children might feel restricted and they might think that you are too strict when you set clear boundaries. Do not worry because your children will realize sooner or later that you placed these limitations out of love. They will soon realize that you do all these because you care. In effect, children feel loved by you which eventually nurture your relationship.

On our next blog, we will share with you different ways to establish clear boundaries for children. Gifted and Lit continues to be your partner in raising intelligent, disciplined, and secured children. Let them feel that you care and love them by engaging with them in their learning. We have educational materials that will surely surprise them as these are different from traditional learning materials. Prepare for some fun hip-hop learning sessions with your kids.


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