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Is College Still Important? -Part Two

Top Reasons Why College is Important

Previously, we have shared the most common reasons why students don’t go to college as well as the popular options they can go take if college is not in their pipelines.

Today, we are going to focus on the importance of college. We hope this blog helps you if you are undecided about college. This also serves as an affirmation for those who made a decision that college is where they are going to be at after high school.

The Importance of Having a College Degree

Increased Earnings

On an average, an individual with a college degree has a higher chance of earning more as compared to high school graduates or associates. Jobs that pay premium have a minimum requirement in education — college graduate.

Increased Employment Ratings

Another benefit of being a college graduate is a bigger opportunity and easier time finding and landing a job. In 2017 statistics, only 34% of jobs in the U.S. require at least a high school diploma and the rest of the employers require a college degree. 

Being Homeowners

Almost 75% of homebuyers are college graduates. The likelihood of owning a home increases for individuals holding a college degree. This is one of the byproducts of being employed with a good salary package and benefits.

Better Employment Benefits 

Companies who require a college degree for their job vacancies do not only offer a good salary rate but also include work benefits such as health insurance and pension.

Quality Retirement Life

In relation to better employment benefits, college graduates are more likely to live a better retirement life as they will receive a retirement income.

Better Health

College graduates who landed jobs with good work benefits are more likely to live a healthier life as they have access to hospitalization and medication care of their health insurance. A good mental health is also Maintained as compared to undergraduates who stress over finding jobs and limited finances.

Job Satisfaction

Individuals with a college degree are likely to place a position related to their interests and passion. This gives satisfaction as they like what they do to earn a living versus jobs just to get them by.

The Children of College Graduates are Likely to be College Graduates as well

A large percentage of college graduates’ parents are college graduates as well. This means children are being influenced by their parents and what are they accustomed to — love of learning.

Generally speaking, the benefits of holding a college degree are undeniable. You can impact your children’s life and encourage them to embrace learning by supporting and showing them that you are intentional in their studies. 

Invest in their learning by spending time with them as they study. Choose educational materials that engage children and parents. Make fun learning for them —which exactly Gifted and Lit’s advocate.

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