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Is College Still Important? -Part Three

We are in the last part of the series that talks about college — whether it’s still important or not. We are glad you are still with us until the very end of this discussion because we have more to say about this topic. At the end of this blog, we hope you share what you have learned with your children.

We thought that providing you with the most common misconceptions about college is the best way to close this discussion.

The Most Common Misconceptions About College

Professors make your college life miserable

This is one of the most popular myths about college (we call it myth, by the way because it really is). Believe it or not, college professors want nothing but for all the students to succeed. They have been there and most of them are parents too which understand the struggle of a college student. They make themselves seem like strict and sometimes unapproachable, but they just want students to be disciplined and be the best versions of themselves.

Attending classes is optional

Unlike in high school, you cannot just skip classes as this will only cause you to struggle even more. The reason that plays the biggest part in failing is not attending classes as if they’re optional. Attendance has a big percentage in your ratings. 

Going home for school breaks makes you a loser

The very least thing that most college students do during spring break and summer is to go home. But you don’t have to be pressured and think that you are a loser if ever you do. Going home during school breaks allows you to save you money — you can spare yourself from spending for your flights, hotel, and other vacation expenses. Plus, you get to see your family and even your high school friends back home.

Time to be a fashionista

High school students are excited to go to college thinking that it’s the best time for them to shine – as fashionistas. But the truth is pajamas and sweats rule the campus. There are times that students dress up but it’s not going to be every day. Students usually hurry up to avoid being late and running from one class to another. 

Your roommate will instantly be your new best friend

That’s what everyone hopes but unfortunately it’s not always the case. Especially if either of you is untidy and get on the nerves of each other. Looking at the bright side, you and your roommate do not spend most of the time together since both of you attend different classes.


Nope, this is not the best time to YOLO. Yes, you only live once that’s why we encourage college students to be smart and make good decisions in life. Do not do drugs, do not party til you drop, and do not engage in any activity that will change your life for the not so better. 

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