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Is College Still Important?

The world has evolved at such a rapid pace and it’s not surprising how we all move along with it. Thousands of inventions and progressions in almost every aspect of life; medical, engineering, commerce, entertainment, and education. 

Many embraced the advancement and lived according to the changes that took place. There are also who wish to continue on as is, meaning they like to approach life traditionally and enhancements are usually unwelcome. 

Unfortunately, the same goes for education. Some people disagree with level-ups and other additional learnings on top of the regular ones. On the flip side, there are people who see education with less importance. The question like “Is attending college or are college degrees still as necessary as they used to be?” arise.

That kind of mindset is understandable especially when options are present aside from college. One may think “what are my options?”, “what suits my needs and lifestyle?”, “what fits my interests?” and the list of what are’s goes on.

Reasons Why Students Don’t Go to College

There are many reasons why a student would not enter college after high school. Below are the common reasons:

-    They can’t afford the rising tuition costs

-    Undecided which course to take

-    They didn’t do well in high school and were not accepted in a college or university

-    College is too hard for them

-    They already earn good money at their job

-    Unsupportive parents

-    The fear of not fitting in

Alternatives to College

Where do students go if not college? There are still options for high school students who will not proceed to college for some reason. Check the options below:

Community college

Also known as two-year or junior college. Community college has two routes for students: transfer preparation and career training. Transfer preparation is for students who plan to continue their studies and eventually earn a bachelor’s degree. Career training is for students who want to immediately take on a job after graduation.

A student who graduates in a community college earns a certificate or an associate degree.

Trade school

Also called vocational or technical school. The typical length of studying in a trade school varies from two years, one year, or months. Trade school is known for offering skills such as auto mechanics, welding, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).


These are paid training programs which are directly related to the chosen career fields. Some of the example apprenticeships are in medical or health care facilities, finance, trades, telecommunications, and constructions. The length of apprenticeship could be anywhere from one to six years.

Online college or university

This option would work well for working students, parents, and for those who have disabilities. Some colleges offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) or distance learning. 

It is important for both parents and children to know the options available after high school. Knowing these options can help parents guide their children in choosing which path to take. As early as now, Gifted and Lit gives full support to parents like you in helping your children achieve what they want to be. 

The Gifted and Lit educational materials are designed to instill the love of learning to the children so they can arrive at a good decision when choosing their educational route based on their interests and abilities.


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