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Children’s Readiness to Leave the Nest at 18

If there is one thing the Americans known for when it comes to family, that is children leaving the nest at 18 years old. This aspect of parenting is very natural to us but in some cultures parents allow their kids to stay home past the legal age of 18.

In today’s article, Gifted and Lit would like to discuss the readiness of children when leaving their nests. The question to answer is : Are children really ready to leave the house at 18 years of age? Let’s find out!

For the first part of this series, we have prepared a set of questions for you to help you determine whether your child is ready and confident to be on his own growing up. Try your best to answer the questions as honest as possible to accurately gauge their readiness. Let’s start, shall we?!

Is your child ready to leave the nest?

1.    Does your child know the basic household chores such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning? 

2.    Does your child know the basic car maintenance like changing tires or oil?

3.    Does he or she have a dependable source of income?

4.    Does he or she use and maintain a budget?

5.    Is your child aware of how credit cards work for and against you?

6.    Is he or she trained to be a good decision maker?

7.    Does your child know when to say no?

8.    Is your child responsible when socializing?

Depending on your answers, your child might or might not be ready to leave home once they are in legal age. Unlike readiness which can be answered with either yes or no, the reasons why children leave home vary, on the other hand.  

Most Common Reasons Why Children Leave at 18

    To be independent

    To live nearby their place of work or university/college

    Leaving an unhappy home 

    Cohabitation with their partner

    Forced by their parents

For most parents, the first two reasons why children leave the nest are the ideal ones. Hopefully no parent goes through the last three reasons but we now it happens.

Truly time flies so fast. First they were babies and next thing you know they are all set to leave the nest. 

Come to think about it, parents have very limited time with children: 18 summers, 18 holidays, 18 birthdays, etc. Gifted and Lit values the parent-child relationship as much as we value education. We designed educational materials that promote fun and engagement while learning; a good way to invest in your child’s heart.

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