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Children’s Readiness to Leave the Nest at 18 -Part Two

Welcome to Part 2 of our series! 

Yesterday we discussed the most common reasons why children leave at 18 years old as well as the questions that can help you gauge whether your child is ready to face the world by himself in case he chooses to live independently when he turns the legal age.

Today, Gifted and Lit wants to share with you some effective ways how to prepare your children to leave the nest. This topic reminds us of the movie Failure to Launch starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. It is about a 35-year old man who shows no interest in living his comfortable life in his parents’ home. It is indeed a failure to be considered when your child grew up unprepared to create a new life on his own.

Ways to Prepare Your Child to Leave the Nest

#1 Invest in their memories and love tanks

Before taking on certain steps to help your children be ready to leave the nest in due time, make sure to build a good relationship with them. Spend time with them not only during their play time but also during their study time for studying makes up most of your children’s day. They spend at least 4 hours a day in the school hence it is crucial to spend time with them as well.

You can be active in their everyday life by talking to them, playing with them, and being with them when they do their homework. Make learning fun and engaging so they will look forward to their study time with you. Gifted and Lit blends Hip Hop with learning to keep kids interested and engaged.

Invest in their memories and fill their love tanks growing up so they will have something to look back on. Don’t you like the thought of your children visiting you as much as they can when they grow up into adults that you want them to be? Invest in their hearts so they will not walk away from you the moment they can.

#2 Train them how to take care of themselves and the people around them

You wouldn’t want your children to starve to death because they are ignorant when it comes to cooking. You wouldn’t want them also to eat unhealthy and instant food just because they don’t know how to make a simple meal. The list of household chores goes on. They need to learn to do these things to be able to live decently and comfortably. 

Children who grew up without knowing any household chores can be a burden to the people around them as they turn out to be unorganized, irresponsible, and lazy. Teach them as early as possible to help them be the best version of themselves.

#3 Teach them about finances

It is equally important for children to be taught about handling finances. Teach them that value of money and what “hard work pays off (literally)” means. Aside from that teach them about credit cards, debts, credit scores, and other aspects in finances that can greatly affect their future — positively or negatively depending on how they handle this area.

Gifted and Lit wants to partner with you in raising good and responsible individuals. Continue to visit us at for more educational blogs.


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