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Child Entrepreneurship: How To Train Your Child To Be A Boss

It’s a new year, it’s a new start! 

I don’t know about you but there is something in the new year that brings hope, fresh mindset, and encouragement. Gifted and Lit is excited and determined to continue to inspire parents and children – (the whole family!) to be the best version of themselves by instilling the love of learning to the children while motivating one another to be engaged as one family.

We can’t think of any other way to start this family series but to discover ways how to train your child to be a boss - child entrepreneurship. Because we firmly believe that it is never too early to learn entrepreneurship.

For this first part of the series, we will discuss why you need to teach entrepreneurship to your children.

4 Reasons to Teach Your Kids About Entrepreneurship

Teaches them how to sell

Believe it or not, the Earth is a big pool where everyone has something to sell. In the world of business and marketing, either you sell your own product (business owner) or you sell for someone else (employee). Which one do you aspire your children to be? Teaching your children about entrepreneurship allows them to get the feel of how it is to be a businessman/woman. This experience opens their eyes to great opportunities that are only available when they get involved in entrepreneurship.

Helps them with difficult areas in academics

Entrepreneurship is equal to Math, problem-solving, and critical thinking. If children are exposed to this kind of experience through getting their hands on entrepreneurship, difficult subject matter in school would not be that difficult as they are used to logic and creativity in entrepreneurship.

Financial Literacy

This is something that is not learned in school unless you take a course which is usually offered to young adults and older age groups. Entrepreneurship definitely teaches children financial literacy as they experience how to make money and even how to lose one. Entrepreneurship in children is crucial as this will acquaint them with debts, credit cards, and how to handle their finances in the future. 

Trains them to be customer-oriented

Another aspect they cannot learn somewhere else is customer service. Entrepreneurship teaches the children the proper way to relate to the customers which is pivotal in any kind of business. Customer service is a make or break kind of thing – your business may either thrive or die depending on the quality of the customer service a business has.

Unleash your children’s potential in entrepreneurship. Gifted & Lit understands the importance of parent’s support hence we crafted educational pieces that will help both parents and children dive into entrepreneurship. 

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